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The Israel Young Academy publishes it's first newsletter

Recent activities, interviews with members and a short presentation of our projects and initiatives – it's all in our first newsletter
It is a great pleasure to introduce this edition of the newsletter of the Israel Young Academy. The newsletter presents the work of our members and shares some of our recent activities.
The Israel Young Academy was established in 2012 as an incubator for ideas and initiatives to leverage Israel’s academic abilities. We reach out to policymakers, educators, senior academic administrators and the general public for the sake of turning our passions for creating and disseminating knowledge into action.
Our team includes 28 researchers in various fields of the humanities and the natural and social sciences from all of Israel’s universities. Members, up to age 45 in the year of their election, are elected to four-year terms, based on their academic excellence and outstanding initiatives.
This is an especially appropriate timeframe for our activities. As mid-career academics, we already enjoy security in our professions but are not yet saddled with major academic and administrative burdens. Our connection to the early stages of an academic career is still strong, giving us insight into the needs of students, recent postdocs and young faculty members. Many of us have children in the public school system, so it is a perfect time to initiate change on that front as well.
Our recent activities cover a wide range: displaying the achievements of Israeli science in the departures concourse of Ben-Gurion Airport, building new academic silk roads connecting high school pupils and universities, interacting with policymakers to advance scientific research, participating in joint workshops with members of other young academies, surveying the needs of young scholars entering the academic job market and hosting the Young Asian Academics Conference in Jerusalem. In all these, we aspire to make positive changes and, as academics, to participate in creating a better society.
We hope that you will find our activities relevant to the challenges you face as well. We would love to share our experiences and initiate dialogue with young academics around the globe. Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding any inquiries or initiatives you have.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank my partners in managing the Israel Young Academy: Prof. Elisheva Baumgarten and Prof. Michal Feldman; the Academy's secretary, Ms. Merav Atar; and the creators of this newsletter, Ms. Sinai Harel and Prof. Nissim Otmazgin.
Prof. Ron Milo,
Chair of the Israel Young Academy 
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